"Tagharan" the ancient music еnsemble

Tagharan the ancient music еnsemble was founded in 1981. Until 1985 it known as Sharakan. From the very outset, Tagharan  strived to reveal the gems  of the Armenien medieval sacred hymns and present those to a wider public at concerts. The songs by medieval autors  dating back to the 5ht-15th centuries  have always been present in Tagharan `s repertoire.

 A special period in   ''Tagharan '' s  life is connected with the name of its former artistic director (1987-1994)  Yervand Yerkanyan. Under his wise quidance a new large repertoire was creted within quite a short time. It includes  more than300valuable and exquisite interpretations of Armenian sacred , patriotic and folk songs. In addition, Tagharan started perfomming new original interpretations of numerous  national patriotic and folk songs. Another fascinating  aspect of Tagharan `s activity is the performance of pre-classical and baroque music. Holistic programs including  old German, French, English, Italien and other music hold a special place in the interpretations are quite remarkable thanks to the harmoniouns well mesasured performance of the soloists .Tagharan has toured with concerts around Armenia and musical centers of the former Sowiet  Union .

It has respresented the Armenian, music  culture abroad, specifically  in Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Bulgaria, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Argentine, Brazil, Uruguay,Ciprus, Syria  and Lebanon.

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  Sedrak  Yerkanyan

           artistic director and  conductor


Gifted musician Sedrak Yerkanyan arrests  attention with his high  culture of performance. His brave inner emotionality whach is expressed in reserved and intelligent style of performance allows to fathom the depths of the performed works. The spiritual atmosphere created at the of the pianist is invaluable.

He  was orn in Leninakan/Gyumri/,  in 1954, obtained primary education in middle and music schools of Leninakan. Then     studied at Yerevan Tchaikovsky High  School.  1973-1978   studied (piano) at Komitas State Conservatoire  of Yerevan. 1978-2000    was  pianist concertmaster of academic choir of Armenia.

1990-1992   studied at Komitas State Conservatoire  of  Yerevan as conductor  at class of Chekijyan. From 1994   is  an artistic director and  conductor  of armenian  ancient music  ensemble  "Tagharan".

Toured Great  Britain (1989,1995), France (1986, 1995, 2001), USA (1987 ), USSR ( 1975- 1990 ),   Syria ( 1992, 1993, 1994, 2002 ), Lebanon (1992, 1993, 1999 ), Greece (1990, 2002 )  Cyprus (2001 ) and Serbia (2003 ).

In 2012  honored artist of  culture   of   Armenia.